Sunday, December 12, 2010


Just plain fun! That is what I want to say about today! I had so much fun learning how to make Chinese Pulled Noodles!!!
Our family loves Lamian, or Chinese Pulled noodles. We have a little Muslim noodle place just down the road and we eat there maybe once a week. But since we are getting ready to head back to the US, I wanted to learn how to make them myself so we can still eat them every once in a while! Every time we go there, the boys get their bowls of noodles and pretend to be the NOODLE MAN! He is the one who stretches the noodles out really long and swings them around and around! It just looks like so much fun! I have always wanted to learn. So today we did! I just wanted to share some of the pics to show what a great time we had with some dear friends!!!
Me and my friends spinning and throwing the noodles around! Looks like fun right??!!

I am no where near the Noodle man's length! Maybe one day!

Hubbs even got in on the action!

The Junior noodle man!

The other Junior noodle man!

My dear friend Ma. Pry for her. That the Father would continue to use her to spread His truth!

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