Monday, November 22, 2010

Bugs and God's creatures are our teachers.

 Many of you may not care to look at bugs, maybe hate bugs or think they are the grossest things on the face of the earth, but living with 4 boys it is kinda a common practice around here to be on the look out for them. We save them, search for them, free them, play with them, and take care of them. Really  anything is ok, we just don't eat them!!!!!! They look intently at it and study everything they can about the little guy! Isn't it funny how God can use such a common thing that is so small and not really powerful to teach us such great lessons in life?? God's wisdom is so much greater than ours that He chooses to use BUGS to be our teachers!!!!
As I read through Proverbs and study its application to my life as a mother, wife, and daughter of the King, I find that it is so AMAZINGLY full of truth to live by! Today I want to focus on a passage that really made me start thinking about what God desires me to change in my life to help me be come excellent in all areas of my life! God really just opened the passage up to me the other day, after reading it many times over, it finally came alive and I believe these characteristics will help me, and I hope you, become a better wife and mother and follower of Christ. 

Proverbs 30:24-28
24 There are four things which are little on the earth,
      But they are exceedingly wise:
       25 The ants are a people not strong,
      Yet they prepare their food in the summer;
       26 The rock badgers are a feeble folk,
      Yet they make their homes in the crags;
       27 The locusts have no king,
      Yet they all advance in ranks;
       28 The spider skillfully grasps with its hands,
      And it is in kings’ palaces.

My Prayer has been that the Father would really give me wisdom in all areas of my life and I am never ceased to be amazed at how He will always answer His children. As I read this, I was intrigued by the individual animals that God chose to point out. The tiny and not so noticeable creatures. (Sometimes I feel that way, so small and not so noticeable in the greater scheme of God's kingdom, but it is a blessing to know that He has a plan for me and will use me to Glorify Himself!!)
  1. ants
  2. rock badgers
  3. locusts
  4. spiders
So, as with everything that is in the Bible, I believe that it is there for a reason, God breathed it and we need to learn from it! So, it made me think:
WHY did he choose those animals? And what can I learn from them?
As to the first question, I can't really answer it, I don't know why he picked these specific animals, except he wants us to learn from them.  God is so wise and even the smallest of creatures SHOUTS His greatness! But, as I look to what I can learn from these creatures and from God's word, I know it is ALOT! When I pondered these verses awhile and read some others' notes on them I believe that there are great character qualities to learn from them and that I really need in my life!
  • Ants: These animals show preparation and hardwork.
  • Rock Badgers: These animals are diligent and uses the abilities that God has created him with.
  • Locust: These animals are very organized.
  • Spider: These animals are resourceful and observant.
I think that the Bible teaches us that it is not always the most obvious things or places that we are to receive wisdom, but He is always putting it in front of us so that we can learn and grow and live to honor HIM.
After reading these verses, I continued to read about the virtuous wife and it was pretty incredible to me to see her living out most of these qualities in her life. I think lots of women desire to emulate that woman. I know I do. I always have desired it.  So, from reading and learning from these verses, I am seeking to put into place some of these characteristics in my life. I know I am lacking them. So I want to take some time over the next few weeks and look more into what these qualities are and how, as we implement them into our lives, we can seek to honor God and bless those around us.  I believe that as I strive toward the Lord, He will grow me and show me how to be an excellent wife! I pray that the Father will show you the true wisdom that only comes from HIM!

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