Monday, October 4, 2010

In the Battle...

So today was actually a beautiful day in our city and we decided to go play at the park. It is a national holiday here and so there were many people out and about. While exploring through the park we noticed the local Buddhist temple was actually open to the public.
So what better opportunity for us to go bring the light into the darkness, take pictures and educate the boys in the Truth. So, we just went on a family Pr. Walk though a Buddhist temple. As, I explained to Jo what I was going to do and asked if he wanted to stay out or not, thinking he would say no, he thought a min. and became super excited and said, I'm gonna pray that God will destroy all the idols. As we walked through the temple areas and Pryed that was just what he did. I pryed one thing and he, and after a while Boo started too, would pry that God would destroy it all!!!  Coming away from this experience I feel so blessed to know that my 4 and 3 year old both have done something that many believers will never do in their lives. I am loving the opportunity we are having to mold and shape our boys in to godly men who are understanding good vs. evil. They are understanding that it is a battle, a battle for the souls of men. What excitement and joy I get being able to foster the love of Christ in their lives and help them love that which is good! Praise the Lord for allowing me this blessed opportunity to "train" my children in the "WAY" they should go!!!! I pray they will always follow the WAY!

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