Sunday, October 17, 2010

He knows what I need....

So, today was one of those days...I am sure everyone has them. One that your nerves are just grated by everything and your attitude shows it. I wanted to kill the boys on multiple occasions, my patience was not there, I raised my voice for needless things....just an overall frustrating day. Boozie woke up early, I didn't get to take a shower or read/pray, homeschooling was just frustrating all together today, so overall, nothing was going my way this morning.  I posted on my facebook that I just needed a little "pick me up" nothing major, just something to brighten my day. When J got home from school, I was still frustrated and tired. I guess from the phone conversation we had he concluded something was wrong.   He knew just what I needed to brighten my day...
a bouquet of beautiful pink flowers (he also took the boys outside to play in the rain while I cooked dinner, so I got a breather from them).  I am glad that my wonderful hubby knows me so well and knows how to brighten my day. But more so, isn't it great to know that our Heavenly father knows what we need, even before we do (Matt. 6:8).
Thank you Jesus!

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