Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dreams really do come true!

So, I guess it was this morning that I was with my little Ki and just reflecting on how I have been blessed so much over the years. It took me back to the teenage years where I so longed to get married. I would often dream of what my life would be like. I was a sad romantic who wanted to find the perfect husband and just be a Mom. I know, really high dreams and aspirations in life, huh? But I believe they are. What bigger or better of a job to have than raising the next generation to fear God and obey Him. God answered my prayers. He gave me the best husband I could have asked for, more than I could have dreamed, and so far, 3 beautiful boys to raise and train to follow hard after Him. So, I really believe that your dreams can come true...not always the way you think or have it planned out...when your dreams align with the Father's and you are listening to His direction.
I am reminded of a verse in Psalm (37:4), "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart!"
As I look back at those years of praying and trusting the Father, I know that He was faithful in answering my prayers and dreams. I am excited to see how He will answer me in the future!!! What a great God we serve!

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