Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What is your calling? pt. 2

As we have recently moved back home from the mission field I have been thinking about my calling in life as a Christian and how I can truly live it out in my life. In moving back into a new culture where things are much different than I have lived over the past 3 years I have tried to think about how will my ministry be different. And how my role will change once again.
For the past three years my life has I have been very intentional with my life. Not something that was completely new to me or strange in my life before we moved. Before we were intentional in our lives, but never this much or this often. Intentionality is something we have had to learn and practice and put forth and effort to do. Being intentional about witnessing. Intentional about discipling and challenging others and making the most of the time we had with people. It was hard, it stretched us and brought us out of our comfort zones, but it became easier. Each day we forced ourselves to think how we could arrange our day to make it intentional. Our desire is to live and interact with the world in such a way, we pray, to draw people to the Lord. In Asia we planned our days around meetings with people or eating at restaurants so that we could share the gospel.  And now moving back I wonder how can my life be that intentional, how can I fulfill the calling the Father has placed on every believer, of making disciples of all nations?
The call of disciple making in my life has not changed just because I moved back across the ocean. My role has, my methods will have to. The place, the people and my circumstances have changed, but what I am doing has not.  I am not just called to follow Christ if I live overseas or I am paid by an organization to do so.  It is a call, a mandate for every believer to make disciples.
So what do I want to bring back to my life here in America and what do I want to challenge you today with? Intentionality.  Intentionality to be a disciple maker.  Look at Jesus. I think he was pretty intentional about his teaching and training of His disciples.  He walked with them, ate with them and spent his life with them. In Asia we used a term called life on life discipleship.  Using our life and our time to pour into others.  I believe it is key to the health and growth of the church and of believers.
So, how can we, as the called in Christ Jesus, be intentional in our lives? How can we let our life rub off on another to bring God glory? Which leads you to think is your life one that you really want rubbing off on someone else?
Are you being intentional by:
·      By intentionally spending time with the Father.
·      By spending time with people, Believers and Non.
·      Share the Gospel!
·      Thinking about it. Planning time to do so.
·      Looking for others to pour into us and to pour into ourselves.
·      Look at our roles, If you are a mother or father, taking every opportunity to pour into your children. Duet. 6:6-9 When you are eating, walking sitting standing…make the effort to teach your children, disciple your children and share the gospel with your children.
My desire is to see God glorified. My heart is to see the lost come to know Him and the saved to draw closer to Him. It is my prayer that we as Christians would not be lazy and neglect our responsibility to God and His commands and the call in our life. I pray that believers would take serious the Call upon their lives when they became a Christian. Not to just ride free and easy, or to be lazy and comfortable, but to DIE to ourselves and obey God. It is not someone else’s responsibility to answer the call to GO. It is everyone’s!

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