Sunday, January 9, 2011

a challenge!

I am not a big fan of goals for myself.  I think it is mainly because I hate pressure and hate to fail.I know they are good and needed, but sometimes they make me crazy. Maybe I am just lazy? I don't want to be lazy! I want to have the discipline to do this. I lack discipline in so many areas!  I make goals and forget them. I make goals and don't like them. But this is gonna be different!
Something I want to instill in my boys is a since of Spiritual discipline. Memorizing scripture, reading the Word daily and praying are some of the most foundational disciplines that I believe even at 3 and 4 they can begin to make a habit out of! 
This year I am setting one important goal. I heard about this cool challenge for memorizing Colossians in a year at Ann Voskamp's blog. So me and my hubby are taking the challenge and gonna memorize it (but we are doing the ESV )!!! It is only 2 verses a week with some built in review weeks. What an important practice I need to get back into! I am excited about it and hope other people will join us and so many other believers around who will be hiding God's work in our hearts!!!!!!!


  1. Ooooo! That sounds fun! How is it going? Jess and I are doing a verse a week. So, far 7 verses sense the new year!

  2. With the move, Michelle, we have honestly not done so well. We are starting back and hopefully going to catch up!!! miss you girls!