Thursday, March 24, 2011

Slightly embarrassed!

Ok, so I am slightly embarrassed. I can not believe it has really been 3 weeks since I last updated my blog! Holy moly, I am never gonna be some sort of blogging star that is for sure. But for those of you who care these past 3 weeks have been swamped.
Here is a little glimpse of what we have been doing:
  • My husband and I have shared at numerous churches about our time overseas.
  • Searching for and buying  a new-to-us mini-van.
  • Working on re-finishing furniture. (will post some pics when I am finished)
  • Recovering furniture.
  • Spending time with friends.
  • Ordering homeschooling materials and preparing to teach Josiah.
  • Preparing to move in 2 weeks!
 So, on top of all that raising 3 boys and trying to help my big boy Hubby not to go crazy!

I must just share that I am excited about a lot of things that God is doing in my life. I am loving seeing Him just bring me peace about so many circumstances and seeing Him provide for our family during our transition time! We are continuing to pray that He would be honored in our family and He would guide and provide for us! He will, I know it. He has shown Himself faithful so many times before! I am excited to see what He does!

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  1. Awww! Aren't you guys the cutest!!! Did you have a date night? I'll be lifting you guys with the upcoming changes. And, Patience, isn't it like 500 degrees in Georgia, and you're wearing a scarf?!?!